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The fight for box office supremacy is relentless. The last week's television ratings are out for Kannadada Kotyadhipati and Bigg Boss, the two reality/game shows that has taken over the Kannada television industry by storm. Once again, there is a neck and neck fight between the two shows and once again while Kannadada Kotyadhipati trumps in the weekdays, the weekends belong to Bigg Boss.

For the week April 22 to April 28, the ratings are as follows. Between Monday and Thursday, Kannadada Kotyadipathi has garnered 87.03 rating points while Bigg Boss during the same period has garnered 63.78 rating points. In the weekend comprising Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Bigg Boss has garnered 14.07, 6.66 and 19.37 rating points. The total for Bigg Boss for all seven days is 103.89 vs Kotyadhipathi's 87.03 points for four days.

Kannadada Kotyadipathi has improved tremendously from the week prior to this one. For the week April 15 to April 21, the corresponding ratings were; Kannadada Kotyadipathi - 64.54 and Bigg Boss - 109.86. Even in that week, KK had managed to be ahead of BB very slightly between Monday and Thursday. The Monday to Thursday ratings was 64.52 Vs 62.34. In the weekend however, the Friday Super Saturday with Sudeep garnered 13.65, Unseen Episode 13.68 and Vaarada Kathe Kichchana Jote managed 20.19 points.

During the intervening weeks, the shows were slightly affected by the IPL. But mostly it was the other way around as well and IPL ratings in previous years when these shows were not around was higher.