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bharath stores movie image

National Award winning director P Sheshadri and producer Basanth Kumar Patil are very curious to know the people’s reaction about their new film ‘Bharath Stores’ which was released on Friday. But their move to release the film in multiplexes has created quite a commotion among the fans in the Face Book community.

Yes, many of the pro Kannada fans are upset about the fact that the film is being released in multiplexes and many have expressed their frank opinion about that in their Face Book pages.

Many have accused that P Sheshadri has gone against the main intention of the film. P Sheshadri intends to say that the mall culture is killing the petty shop owners and the Foreign Direct Investment may eradicate such five crore petty shop owners all over India. But Sheshadri and Basanth Kumar Patil have themselves released their film in such multiplexes which are located in luxurious malls across Bangalore. The film is released in multiplexes like PVR, Inox and Orion which are housed in some of the biggest malls of Bangalore.

The main argument here is, if the film is about a common man fighting a situation then it should be made available to a common man and not every common can watch the film affording higher rates of admission.

Mr Dayanand who is an ardent fan of quality films has written that, ‘how can a common man can afford to pay 300-400 Rs in multiplex?  If the film had been released in regular theatres, then we could have afforded 40-50 Rs and could have watched the film which is about the common man. Is P Sheshadri going against the intention of his film is the question?’ asks Dayanand.

Let’s see what Sheshadri has to say about this?