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Kiran Govi directed film "Paru wife of Devadas' will be launched today in the Kanteerava Studios and immediately a song picturisation will start featuring the film's hero Kitty and heroine Soundarya Jayamala along with dancers. Three separate sets have been designed for the set, said Kiran Govi in a press meet organised on Thursday afternoon to brief about the film.   He said that he had readied the script two years ago and was hunting for producers after Kitty had Okayed the script.
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'Thankfully I got producers like Krishna Deve Gowda and Mukthar who were interested to make a film with a good story content.  Even Krishna wanted to do a film with Kitty and had spoken to him earlier.

Everything fell in place and now we ar launching the film' said Govi. Govi said that though the names of the lead  characters are taken from the classic Sharat Chandra Bengali novel, the characterisation of both Devadas and Paru are different.   Kitty is interested in western music, while  Paru is a Kathak dancer. Devadas is not shown as a person who hits the bottle for quest of love.  Here in this film both Devadas and Paru have identity of their own' said Govi. Govi said that already Arjun Janya has composed music for the six songs of the film.  Five songs are written by my friend Nagendra Prasad and one song is written by Jayanth Kaikini. This film will also prove to be a musical hit like my two previous films "Payana' and "Sanchari'.  I have sat with Arjun Janya for several months to bring out the best tunes'said Arjun Janya.

Kitty said that he got a feel of Sanju Weds Geetha when he first heard the story.   "The script is still strengthened and I am eagerly looking forward to work in this film' said Kitty.

Soundarya said that she has been given a good role to perform.  "I can show my talents in the film' said Soundarya.

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