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CBFC is a waste body and so is being nominated to its advisory panel: KCA Chairman Suneel Puranik
Sunil Puranik

In a shocking statement, the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy chairman Mr Suneel Puranik has alleged that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is 'waste body'. 

He has further said that being nominated to CBFC's advisory panel is also a waste and it is nothing but a thankless job as the members have nothing to do but to watch four movies in a day which pays them a meagre of only Rs. 1500 for doing so!

Terming the CBFC body as a 'waste', which determines the outcome of a movie for public exhibition through censorship, has taken everyone in the film industry, especially the noted filmmakers and many more who have served the body in the past by surprise. Further, the statement allegedly made by the present KCA Chairman has shocked the entire film fraternity and the others concerned.

It is learnt that Mr Suneel Puranik has allegedly made such an astonishing statement during a telephonic conversation with a journalist who had called to seek for his reaction over the latest 71 appointments made by the government to the State's CBFC's advisory panel including his own son Mr Sagar who has no experience in the movie making but for working in television and short films.

The appointment made by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to the State body's panel, has not gone well in the sandalwood, as senior filmmakers and noted personalities in the Kannada film industry have criticised the appointments as majority of the newly appointed members lack experience in movie making. They say that it is more of a politically backed appointment than based on the required qualifications.

The telephonic conversation also reveals how Mr Puranik had stopped his own son's short film from getting into a festival. However, Mr Sagar son of Puranik claims the film festival recognition as his achievements! It is also a big mystery as to how the same short film eventually won an award at the festival competition. 

Mystery continues as the questions raised over the qualifications and experience of newly nominated members to the advisory panel of State's CBFC remain unanswered.

Whether the CBFC body is a big waste or the majority of the newly appointed members for no proper qualification or the shocking statement made by the KCA chairman has certainly shook the Kannada film industry. 

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