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Ajay Rao, Shashank And Guru Deshpande Join Hands For A New Film
Shashank, Ajai Rao, Guru Deshpande

Actor Ajay Rao, director Shashank and producer-director Guru Deshpande have joined hands for a new film which is all set to be launched next year.

Both Shashank and Guru Deshpande have directed Ajay Rao earlier. This time, while Guru Deshpande is producing the film under his G Cinemas banner, Shashank has written the story and screenplay for the film. Debutante Shankar who had worked for Guru Deshpande in his previous films will be directing the film.

Earlier, Guru Deshpande was supposed to produce a new film called 'Rainbow - Colors of Crime' for Ajay Rao. However, the film did not start due to various reasons. Now Ajay will be acting in a film to be produced by Guru Deshpande.

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