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Aditi Plays The Role Of First Female Superhero On Indian screen
Aditi Prabhudeva

After the lockdown has been relaxed, actress Prabhudeva has silently finished a film called 'Aana'. One of the highlights of the film is, Aditi plays the role of the first ever female superhero on Indian screen.

Speaking about her role in the film, 'I have two or three shades in this film and I have a different getup in this film. I play the role of a girl called Anargya, who is fondly known as Aana in this film. It is not a full fledged superhero film. In one incident Aana comes to know that she has superpowers and what happens after that forms the crux of the film' says Aditi.

Aditi who is in full awe of the team, 'I was looking forward to a different role. When director Manoj narrated the story of the film, I immediately accepted as I have a different role in the film. Though it is a new team, all the members have done justice to their work' says Aditi.  

Apart from Aditi Prabhudeva, Sunil Puranik, Prerana Kambam, Chethan Gandharva, Samarth Narasimharaju and others play prominent roles in the film. The film is being produced by Pooja Vasanth Kumar.