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'Act 1978' To Release In November
Act 1978 Movie Image

Mansore's new film 'Act 1978' which started last year is complete and has already been censored with a 'U' certificate. Now the team is planning to release the film soon and the release date of the film will be announced on the 01st of November.

'Act 1978' is a social thriller and though Mansore does not divulge any details about the film, the film showcases how the downtrodden is oppressed in society.  T Mansore has written the story apart from direction and K Dayanand and Veeru Mallanna have helped Mansore in the screenplay and dialogues.

'Act 1978' stars Yajna Shetty along with B Suresh, Pramod Shetty, Shruthi, Dattanna, Achyuth Kumar, Sampath, Sharanya and others. Devaraj is the producer, while Satya Hegade is the cameraman.