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cm yediyurappa lays foundation to dr vishnuvardhan memorial
Vishnu Smaraka Work Begins

Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Tuesday laid the foundation for Dr Vishnuvardhan Memorial online. Vishnuvardhan Memorial has been pending for the last 10 years and in spite of many Governments coming forward, work got delayed due to various reasons.

Finally, the Dr Vishnuvardhan Memorial work has started with the Bhumi Pooja at Halalu village on the outskirts of Mysore. While, Chief Minister performed the Bhumi Pooja virtually in Bangalore, the family members of the late actor was present at the site.

Yediyurappa said that Vishnuvardhan remains an inspiration to the people of Karnataka with his virtues. 'The work for the Memorial is already late. So, I urge the concerned authorities to complete the work at the earliest. Already Rs 5 crores have been initially released by the Government and the remaining will be released as the work progresses' said Yediyurappa.