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the cult classic om turns 25 years today
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In a many firsts for Kannada film industry, the year 1995 was very special for several reasons with the release of its cult classic 'Om' produced under prestigious banner Poornima Enterprises starring Hat-trick hero Shivarajkumar in an entirely new avatar, a truly daring character created by Upendra based on the real underworld subject.

It was the first movie to showcase underworld on the big screen in Kannada with equally brilliant performance by Shivanna with utmost musical brilliance from Nadabrahma Hamsalekha. 

After his two directorial ventures, Upendra created the masterpiece which remains to this date as one of the finest despite record-breaking re-releases. For the story he penned in the 80s, Upendra casted real life gangsters in the movie, a highlight of the movie which became a sensation at national level.

Speaking to Chitraloka, Real Star Upendra while recollecting the making of Om said that it 'just happened and that he was fortunate that the prestigious banner, a great actor like Shivanna and especially a few who recommended my work to the makers which made it possible.

"I had made it like any other film but it is the collective effort of the entire team and the Kannada audience which made it a 'cult classic', which is why it is still loved the same way, it was first released 25 years ago," Upendra said.

After breaking multiple records at the box, it went on to win several awards for Shivanna, Prema, Upendra and others. It was even remade in Telugu too. But, all of the most, the movie was re-released the most for any movie in the Indian film industry.