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basava waits for darshan
Basava Waits For Darshan

One of the most iconic images of the Lok Sabha election in Mandya constituency last year was the handling of an irritated Basava (sacred bull) by actor Darshan. The agitated bull had blocked the convoy of Darshan who was campaigning for Sumalatha. Scared people ran away from the bull. But Darshan got down from the vehicle, went near the Basava and calmed it down which then made way for his vehicle. 

Now this Basava in the Kaalammanakoppalu village near Saligrama in is injured. Four days ago, it injured one of its leg and is lying down at the village temple. It has not eaten anything in the last four days. A veterinarian is treating the bull but the response has not been too good. The villagers are convinced that if Darshan visits the village the Basava would respond and start eating again. They have made a request to Darshan in this regard.

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