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Dr. Kiran who is an Asst. Professor in KIMS Hospital proved to be an unreliable complainant in a press conference organised by him to prove his innocence and Pooja Gandhi's culpability.

An unprepared Dr. Kiran was confusion personified when media persons questioned him about why he had claimed that the car being used by Pooja had belonged to him.   He first said that the  website media had wrongly reported that he had claimed the ownership of the car.

Immediately some journalists wanted a proof from him that he had not claimed ownership of the car in a chat with the media personalities. Dr. Krian was not able to provide a convincing reply to this question.

He said that he did not know about the ownership of the car till Pooja Gandhi had produced documents in her favour.  "I had mistaken that the car had been registered in my name as  it has an address of  one of my friend'  said Dr. Kiran which did not cut ice with the media personalities who took the learned doctor to task for misusing the press and trying to plant a story by using his credentials.

Most of  his answers to question clearly proved that  he was not in a stable state of mind and he was an unreliable source.   His intentions to corner Pooja Gandhi were not al all clear as he said that the actress is  a very good girl even now, but he was not able to understand why she was distancing from him.  

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