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pooja gandhi, dr kiran

Dr. Kiran Thotambailu who was in news for wrong reasons three months ago after he had charged  actress Pooja Gandhi, his one time friend of forcibly taking possession of  car owned by him has made news again.

It is better to just report the news and leave it to the judgment of the Chitraloka brousers to make thier own assessment about the case.   Dr. Kiran has recently written in his facebook  page  that he has been able to get actress Pooja Gandhi to court for making her own submission to his petition.   He records his notings in the facebook wall.

'3 months after the issue, came face to face with pooja gandhi in court yesterday, glad atleast cud pull her to the court for once.with me and about 12 media lawers'   against her......(sic  forget about the spelling mistakes).

Does Dr. Kiran get satsifaction in pulling Pooja Gandhi to th court? And there are many questions for which Dr. Kiran has to give answers, because such notings in FB may well give an impression that he has used courts to get a face to face combat with the actress with whom he had enjoyed the best relationship earlier.