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let us spread love not corona virus
Haripriya Image

One of most beautifully talented actresses of Sandalwood, Hariprriya has been on a roll with amazing performances in the recent past. Along with portrayal of versatile characters and the films featuring her turning out to be huge box office success, Hariprriya lately won the best actress award at a film festival for Amruthamathi.

Undoubtedly the busiest actress, is now bored of being house arrest from the past few days. The actress has shared it explaining why with some of her favourite photos taken from her latest vacation. But, she rightfully says it is much needed during these difficult times.

"Considering the active person I am, I already miss my freedom to travel, to meet, to eat, to go anywhere I want, even to stand and sit  Bored of being on house arrest  But cannot help it, we all have to be safe and protect each other by distancing ourselves from each other and staying clean," she writes

She calls upon to use these times to try something creative to keep oneself occupied, teach the young ones or learn a new craft.

"This is the time for families to come together, clear off the difference. This is the time we prove to ourselves that we can live with our people without material pleasures, so make use of this time in a positive way  Most importantly be safe, eat healthy, exercise and spread love and not Coronavirus," she adds.

She takes this opportunity to salute all the doctors, medical professionals all over the world for their selfless work and contribution in these tough times. I sincerely request all of you to help them by staying indoors. Stock food and supplies, minimize commute. Let's do our bit, she signs off

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