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producers urge for percentage share system
Producers Association Meeting

The Kannada Film Producers Association has urged stressing for 'percentage share' system in the State's Single Screen Theatre and Multiplexes on the lines of a similar system which exists in other state's film industries.

The president of Film Producers Association, Mr. D.K Ramkrishna (Praveen Kumar) says that the percentage share system in single screen theatres and multiplexes is in force barring Karnataka. "Leaving a handful of single screen theatres and multiplexes, the majority are collecting rents in advance from producers which has become a huge burden at the time of film release. Many small-time producers face huge difficulties in getting their films released in big single screen and multiplexes. Hence, the percentage share system is the need of the hour," he adds.

Percentage share system will benefit all - the producers, exhibitors and even the distributors, he says. Further, the association says that a committee has been formed to look into the pros and cons of enforcing percentage share system in all single screen and multiplexes in the state.

Also, once the committee gives its report, the association says that it will discuss it with all the wings of the Kannada film industry including the film chamber and that it will strive hard to get the system implemented from the first week of April 2020 itself.

It also stressed for complete computerisation of theatres in the State and providing basic facilities in every theatre along with transparent business amongst the producers, exhibitors and distributors for the good of the Kannada film industry. A majority of producers, exhibitors and distributors have agreed upon implementing the system, the association adds.

Along with Mr. Ramakrishna, the association's vice president M G Ramamurthy, secretary K Manju, joint secretary Ramesh Yadav, Treasurer R S Gowda, producer Karisubbu, exhibitor Narasimhalu and others were present on the occasion.