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i Phone Movie Digna team

Entirely shot using an iPhone, Dinga directed by Abhisek Jain, has turned everyone's attention for its making quality when compared to the works using conventional methods such as cameras specially designed for the purpose of shooting movies.

While the film is ready to hit the screens from January 31, the onscreen quality of Dinga has surprised many in the industry as well as the audience.

"Knowing that Dinga has been shot using a smartphone, initially not many paid attention to our work. But when we released the video of the song and other promotional ones, the response to it has been overwhelming," says the director.

While Dinga has nothing to do with the popular animated character Dinga from the past, Dinga here is the pet dog of the lead character played by Aarav Gowda. He is paired with Anusha. Book your tickets to witness the cinematic experience made using a smartphone.