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28 years and forver
Sumalatha Ambareesh

The beautifully talented actress turned politician Sumalatha Ambareesh remembers her best friend cum life partner on her wedding anniversary with the rebel star Ambareesh. The two got married on this date, 28 years ago in the year 1991. 

Having married to one of the most celebrated actor in the Indian cinema, and a popular politician of a different kind, Sumalatha Ambareesh shares an eternal love story with the man of her life. Often she calls it as a beautiful journey.

The last one year has been one of the most difficult times for Sumalatha Ambareesh, who is now the proud Member of Parliament representing Mandya in the Lok Sabha and also witnessed her son Abhisek making his debut in Amar.

Remembering her sweetheart on the wedding anniversary, Sumalatha has posted the romantic number 'Hello Nanna Preyasi', the one which shares it with her hubby from Hongkongnalli Agent Amar. She writes a forever love note to the rebel star of her life : "December 8th 1991.. When it's 28 years of sharing, of caring, of laughing, of crying of missing, of finding, of darkness, of light, of despair, of joy, of loving of loving of loving. When it's 28 years, you know it's forever. Love you forever.

Chitraloka wishes the sweetest couple on their wedding anniversary27.