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stunt masters feliciate sudeep
Stunt Masters Felicitate Sudeep

The members of the Kannada Stunt Masters Union felicitated Kichcha Sudeep today. Sudeep had earlier donated Rs 10 lakh to the Union who are constructing a building for their association. On Tuesday over two dozen stunt masters visited Sudeep on the sets of Kotigobba 3 and felicitated him. Sudeep refused to wear the garland brought by them saying garlands should be presented only to Gods. The stunt masters however managed to make him eat the sweets they had brought. 

Sudeep enquired about the ongoing work and sought to know if more help was needed. He suggested that they use granite for flooring and promised to provide all the materials himself. He asked the members to visit the granite factory and select the granite they wanted and he would pay for it.


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