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sudeep writes a letter to his fans
Sudeep's Letter To His Fans

Following the aftermath of the piracy of Pailwaan movie by some mischiefs, Abhinaya Chakravarthy Kichcha Sudeepa has requested everyone to let go and move on than react to avoidable situations.

In a message to all, the star actor believes that truth will always prevail.

"Too many things are happening and it’s not sending good vibes to anyone. No one blamed a particular actor for piracy nor were any names taken from the production side or me," he clarifies, adding that those involved were brought to the notice of the cyber police. He even requests his fans to put an end to it and not get disturbed by those who are making fun of him by calling him names, as he will not going down because of such things.

He goes on to justify his earlier tweets saying that protecting his family and his producers are his responsibility, and that he doesn't need to prove anything to others while his loved ones and colleagues from the industry who support him speak about their goodness.

"Heroic borrowed lines and giving warnings is not my cup of tea nor has it been my personality anytime.After all, where has words taken anyone anywhere," Kichcha says.

He further says that there were times when he made a comment on a particular actor and not even for myself. "Well, though I had my reasons to do so then, I did realise later that it wasn’t needed. There were arguments with a few in my life too. We all have our phases,, don’t we?!! But a person who realises and grows to become a better human is the one who wins people in the world and that's exactly what I have done. I haven’t hesitated to say sorry, nor have I hesitated to accept a sorry when it came. Both have happened openly and publicly and I'm happy about this."

Further says, "I choose to win people through my work in the way I lead my life. If many in this industry has given me a place in their lives, it's because of the mutual respect we share with each other. At least I’m glad I could fix a few cracks and a beautiful bonding has prevailed".

He also thanks everyone who have stood up for him and his family. "I can never forget and shall never forget every little support in all the good words that come my way from you all. Remember, we all are here for a very short time. So try to move on. Time answers everything".

He signs it off saying, Alexander, who conquered the world too went empty handed. "All that we can take with us are good moments and all that we can leave behind are memories. Memories that have kept everyone alive".