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upendra requests his fans to bring saplings

Only three days are left for Upendra's birthday (September 18th) and fans of the actor all over Karnataka is making arrangements to celebrate the Real Star's birthday in a grand style. Meanwhile, the actor has requested his fans to not to bring garlands or cakes, instead has requested them ti bring saplings.

Upendra on Sunday requested his fans via twitter to not to waste money on cakes and garlands. Instead, he has requested his fans to bring saplings as birthday gift. The actor has said that he will plant it in and raise them.

Upendra had requested the same to his fans on his previous birthday also. He had told his fans to not spend money on cakes, vinyls and garlands and had requested his fans to use the same amount to some good purposes. However, the fans did not pay much attention to Upendra's words and came with cakes and garlands and celebrated his birthday in a grand style.