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will gimmick and kempegowds 2 gets postponed
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Darshan starrer 'Kurukshetra 2' which was supposed to release on the 02nd of August has been postponed and will be releasing on the 09th of August. With the film being postponed, there is a question in everybody's mind whether 'Gimmick' and 'Kempegowda 2' will also be postponed?

Earlier, 'Kurukshetra' and 'Phailwan' was said to release on the 09th of August. So, many teams pushed their release to further dates. But due to various  reasons 'Kurukshetra' got preponed, while 'Phailwan' was postponed. With no releases on the festival day, Ganesh starrer 'Gimmick', Komal's comeback film 'Kempegowda 2' and Raj B Shetty's 'Mahira' planned to release on the 09th of August.

Now 'Kurukshetra' is back on the same day due to various reasons. With a big film like 'Kurukshetra', will other teams including that of 'Gimmick' and 'Kempegowda 2' dare to release their film on the same day or will they get postponed to further dates is yet to be seen.

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