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Despite the talk about resolution of the dispute regarding the film Kool, the issue remains unsolved because the film's director Mussanje Mahesh is yet to give NOC to Ms. Shilpa. The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had earlier claimed a solution to the dispute has been arrived and wrote letters to Ms. Shilpa Ganesh and director Mussanje Mahesh indicating its decision. The Chamber had indicated that Mussanje Mahesh will be given a compensation of Rs. One lac from Shilpa Ganesh and then the producer can continue shooting the film with Ganesh as the director. The decision of the film chamber had shocked the Kannada film directors association members who had termed the decision as one sided and unjust. A letter was then written to Basanth Kumar Patil, President of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce by the KFDA which expressed its displeasure about the decision and wanted a review of the decision.

A meeting on Tuesday at the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce where many executive members of the association sat with members of Kannada film producers association, Kannada film cine workers association and Kannada film directors association was able to bring down the level of differences between the estranged parties to the dispute. Finally after the marathon meeting, a solution was thrashed out and even Mahesh and the film directors association President Ramesh came out to tell a Television channel that they are with the chamber's decision.

The Kannada film directors association had wanted the film's production Manager Ravi Shankar to be punished for demanding Mussanje Mahesh to give the NOC. It also wanted severe punishment to a makeup man who held the clap for new director Ganesh when he started directing the film after Mussanje Mahesh had walked out of the film. The directors had also demanded full payment of remuneration to Mussanje Mahesh. The KFCC has agreed to look at the majority of these demands getting solved.

Meanwhile, sources close to Ms. Shilpa Ganesh said that the film will be starting its shooting from August 18. It has to be seen when Mussanje Mahesh will give a NOC to Ms. Shilpa Ganesh to proceed with the shooting of the film.