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shivanna to muss his fans on his birthday

The month of July has always been a great joy for millions of Karunada Chakravarthy fans. However, this time, they will be slightly disappointed as their favorite hat-trick hero Dr. Shivarajakumar will be out of station, to get his shoulder treated in London.

"Every year on July 12, all my fans would come visit me at my place and they would celebrate my birthday very joyously. I always cherish their unconditional love. However, I am going to miss them this year as I will not be at home. I am disappointed as much as my fans," Shivanna says.

Shivanna will head to London, for his shoulder treatment which is scheduled on July 9 and thereafter he will rest for more than a month.

He signs off saying that he is planning to spend some time with his family and visit temples and other places during the month long break.