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dinesh baboo, chetna latha

Director Well known film director Dinesh Baboo not only written the script for his Eradaneya Maduve, but even directed it. That is if you take the literal meaning of it . Yes, Dinesh Baboo who directed the film Eradaneya Maduve for producers Suresh and Rajeevi had his Eradaneya Maduve with his assistant director Chethana some five months ago. None other than Dinesh Baboo himself confirmed about this new in a chat with Chitraloka Mega portal. Incidentally Dinesh Baboo has been divorced earlier with his first wife.

Another bit of conicidence is that Dinesh Baboo's second marriage took place when he was working on the post production work for his recent Eradaneya Maduve. Incidentally Eradaneya Maduve has become an important film in his career as the famous director has now busy in doing post production work for the Telugu remake version of the hugely successful Kannada film. Chethana had worked as an associate director to Babu in films like Janumada Gelathi, Mr. Painter and also Eradaneya Maduve. Love blossomed between Baboo and his assistant during the shooting of this film.