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gangadhar, basanth kumar patil, sa ra govindu, k manju

The summer is really hotting up with the elections to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce picking up speed. The election is scheduled for May 8 and the nominations starts from April 21.

This year the post of president is allotted to the distributors. The three wings of the KFCC; producers, distributors and exhibitors get the top post on rotation. Producer-distributor-actor Basant Kumar Patil is the front runner for the post of president. His name is so well publicised that many are openly Canvassing for him even before the nomination papers are filed.

The other names being heard for the president's post include Janakiram and Gangadhar. But as things stand now, everyone seems to think that the top post is for Patil's for the taking. Patil made a name for himself as a strict administrator when he was the president of the Producers' Association. He started the 'watch dog committee' (Kaavalu Samiti) to curb various illegal activities that drained revenue for the producers. Even piracy was curbed to a large extent during his tenure as raids on pirates became common. Along with producers like Muniratna, Rockline Venkatesh and K Manju he brought a semblance of order to the organisation. It is this background that is holding him good stead for the post of president for KFCC.

What could go against him is his outspokenness. His blunt and direct talk has even his friends running for cover sometimes. Having experience in all departments including production and distribution makes him the clear front runner for now.

Producer K Manju, Joe Simon, RS Gowda, NM Suresh, Madhusudhan Reddy, Kari Subbu, Saffire Venkatesh, Chinnegowdaru are in the keen race for the top office bearers post. Others who are trying for a post include Umesh Banakar is gunning for the post of vice president. But he may just contest for the committee rather than for the post of office bearer. There are eight posts of office bearers including president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

With just five more days to go for the nominations, many other names are likely to crop up. There could be many surprises in store as well. With the new bylaw preventing office bearers from contesting two elections in a row, the eight incumbent office bearers; Jayamala, Rockline Venkatesh, Suresh, Anand, N Kumar, Thomas Dsouza, Vijay Kumar and Sa Ra Govindu, will not contest this time.