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chemistry of kariyappa is a sensual comedy
Chemistry Of Kariyappa

Based on a true incident which occurred in Mandya district, Dr. Manjunath who made Samyuktha 2 returns with his second production venture - Chemistry of Kariappa. This one launches actor Chandan Achar of Kirik Party fame as hero.

The film which revolves around four main characters - a father, his wife, son and his daughter in law. Tabla Nani plays the father's role while Sanjana Anand, also a debutant is paired opposite Chandan.

“It is based on true incident which took place in a village in Mandya. Not just the comedy but the movie reflects human sense and sensibilities. The censor board has given a clean U/A, and the distributors were impressed with the movie along with digital rights already being sold out for its unique content,” says Dr. Manjunath, who also plays an important role in the movie as the lawyer.

The crux of the movie which releases in not less than 50 centres, is about the the newly married man who is being suspected by his wife for being impotent. It's a complete laughter ride which comes with a message in the end, the team reveals.

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