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ammana mane to hit screens tomorrow
Ammana Mane

Modern day life has brought comfort to mankind, but it has certainly come with a cost. Running behind fame, name and money has been adversely affecting one of the most important pillars of life - relationships and most importantly the family bondage, which held us all together for ages.

Director Nikhil Manju Lingaiah's 'Ammana Mane’ throws light on one such sensitive issue, which the present day generation is dearly neglecting. 

“it is about relationships, and more about the special bond of a mother and a son. It is disheartening to witness the rise in number of old age homes, as many children are swaying away from their responsibilities. If earning to become rich by ignoring such duties and responsibilities is to be considered as an yardstick of happiness, even the rich remain to be unhappy,” the director says.

Ammana Mane is about a physically and mentally challenged person, and how he strikes the right balance in life with his three mothers, the one who have given birth to him, his wife and the third being his daughter.

Raghavendra Rajkumar, who returns to silver screen after a gap of 15 years plays the lead character of Rajeeva.

“He (Raghavendra Rajkumar) was going through a tough phase in his personal life when we approached to play Rajeeva. When he heard it, he accepted it saying that it was none other than his mother who has sent him portray such a role,” Nikhil Manju adds.

Theater artiste Rohini plays the Raghanna's mother role along with scores of others including Manasi, Sh