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vishnu memorail controversy raised again
Anirudh, Vishnu Memorial

It has been nine years since rebel star Ambareesh's ‘kuchiku’ friend had passed away. A legendary actor late Dr. Vishnuvardhan, and one of the three strong pillars of Kannada film industry along with thespian late Dr. Rajkumar and late Dr. Ambareesh, is still waiting for a memorial as assured by the state government!

With the state government acting swiftly in the case of rebel star Ambareesh by allocating a piece of land in Kanteerava Studio, for a memorial to be built in his honour, the fans of Dr. Vishnuvardhan have started to express dissatisfaction against the state government and its authorities for dilly dallying with regard to the memorial of their favourite star, the sahasa simha Dr. Vishnuvardhan.

Further, after son-in-law of Dr. Vishnuvardhan, Anirudh Jatkar has expressed dissatisfaction urging chief minister to stop such careless attitude in the matter, the Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy has reacted to it saying that such a statement was uncalled for and that it was him who had personally called the then CM Mr. B S Yeddyurappa to make arrangements honouring the legendary actor though the Vishnu family were ready for last rites to be performed in Banashankari crematorium.

Following the reaction to his statement by the Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, Anirudh says, “I have nothing personal against Mr. Kumaraswamy or any his family members. In fact, I have the highest of regard for him especially for his close association with Appaji. My statement is out of displeasure against the functioning of the state government for the last nine years which has seen five chief ministers.”

He goes on to add that till date, five chief minister have been approached and in turn five different places were allocated by them with an assurance to build a memorial and an institution. “All have ended in litigation. Now, a new proposal is being floated over the memorial in Kanteerava Studio. We have spent over two years on the last location in Mysuru. We have even dug a borewell after having the right vaastu plan to go ahead with the project. But, the farmers are agitating now. It is a gomala land, and the state can solve it within a day. We have been patient, but for how long?” asks Anirudh.

He also clarifies that he and Amma, Mrs. Bharathi Vishnuvardhan have been running from pillar to post meeting all the concerned including the Chief Ministers. “Yes, I agree it was Mr. Kumaraswamy who personally called to inform that the departed soul will be honoured properly while we were all set to conduct the last rites in Banashankari crematorium. But how long should we wait. We once waited for him (Mr. Kumaraswamy) for hours at his office. He never got back to us after that. I have been calling his office but there has been no response. We stand firm urging the state to act fast and clear the hurdles at Mysuru, where not just the memorial with statue will be built but an institution will come up which will benefit the industry through the trust which will be headed by the head of the state government,” he explains as he wraps up.

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