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no room for compromise for arjun and sruthi
Sruthi Hariharan, Ambareesh, Arjun Sarja

After the much important KFCC meeting chaired by rebel star Ambareesh over Sruthi's 'me too’ allegations against Arjun Sarja, failed to come to a conclusion while asking the two actors to confirm their final stand by Friday, both Arjun and Sruthi stood firm on their decision.

While Arjun Sarja who addressed the media, for the first time after being accused of sexual harassment said that he is deeply pained by the accusations and made it clear that he will not compromise.

“If it was only me, I would have forgotten it as a minor issue, but it has caused immense pain to all my loved ones and mostly my fans across three states. Hence, with all due respect to the seniors in the chamber and Ambareesh, I will not compromise. The 'me too’ movement, which is a great movement has been misused. The truth will come out soon which will serve as an example who are targeting innocents by misusing the movement,” Arjun Sarja said.

Whereas, Sruthi said that she was surprised to know that Arjun Sarja has filed two cases against her while she had withheld her decision to file a complaint after the chamber asked her to attend the meeting. 

“It is always the women who gets victimized whenever she raises her voice. In fact I'm glad that Arjun Sarja wants to fight it out in the court of law. I will wait till tomorrow (Friday) to hear it from the chamber before going further in the matter,” Sruthi said.

Earlier, rebel star Ambareesh said that after hearing both of them who have expressed pain and displeasure from their own perspective, he couldn't do much as the matter has already reached the court but to advise the two to come to a final decision by tomorrow for chamber to arrive on its stand.

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