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It’s never easy ,, n nothing can be easy when it comes to our Rebel Star. By saying  this ,,I ain’t referring to his professional approach,, it s jus his personality n persona I’m referring to . He has led his life the way he wanted,,n decisions based on exactly what he wanted.

He has never been a person to be in trouble ,,or trouble anyone.  His words may not be grounded and soothing,,, his gestures not exactly smooth. But here is a man totally a contrast to all that I jus mentioned. Helping,,,loving,,:caring n Smooth from within. 

No one can know him completely ,,no can say they don’t know him either . It’s jus a conflict within us. Irrespective of what one feels about him,,he is someone you can’t ignore. 

Adapting all his nuances into the role he was playing in ANV was a task . But the team made it possible . So what is it that’s making all connect to him on screen?? It’s nothing but himself . Probably the role being close to his personal self is the reason he’s played this role with utmost ease ,, leaving a beautiful smile on ur mind by the time you walk out of the movie hall. He hasn’t left any stone unturned and his performance takes u right into the story. 

Salutes for his dedication n efforts for having pulled this off soo easily. ANV isn’t something one should miss.. No I ain’t saying this coz it’s a film iam a part of,,,I am saying this ,, coz it’s dealing with emotions we all are a part of. 

Much luv ,,