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Actor Santosh is flying high literally. His first film as hero, Nooru Janmaku, is ready for release. So confident is the this actor, and full time Page 3 personality about his film that he is persuading reluctant distributors to release his film opposite Ganesh's Ullasa Utsaha!

According to sources, Santosh met a reputed producer and asked him to distribute his film. But that producer demanded Rs 30 lakh for print and publicity cost which Santosh and his mining lord producer was unwilling.

During the film's audio launch recently, Santosh embarrassed director Nagathihalli

Chandrashekar no end. There were his usual Page 3 friends including fair skinned foreigners and the event looked like some rave party rather than a film function. Unfortunately those from the film industry, unaware of what was really going on, blamed Nagathihalli for becoming so commercialized and a show off. They did not know that it was Santosh who was behind all the 'glamour' and skin show called a ramp walk. Santosh says `he wanted to do something different to attract people'. So he organized this type of page 3 party!

Santosh shot to fame four years ago by promising to start a south-Indian version of the IIFA. He brought together a large assembly of actors and technicians to announce ISFIA . But since then nothing has come out of it. It has only helped Santosh and no one else. He made friends with some people in the industry showing off as a big shot and got some bit roles in their films.

When he managed to convince his friend Vinay Lad to produce a film for him he went to Nagathihalli with CDs of Tamil films. He wanted Nagathihalli to direct a remake film for him. This hurt Nagathihalli no end who finally agreed to direct Nooru Janmaku, an original like all of his earlier films.

Next, Santosh has now sidelined Nagathihalli entirely from the film. Even the audio release was planned by Santosh. Somehow the director managed to hold a press conference before Santosh started with his Page 3 party.