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nagathihalli chandrashekar (pic - km veeresh)

My Dear Nagathihalli Meshtre, I received an SMS on my phone which reads like this `I deeply hurt by your writings. I lost faith in my press friends. a . I know that you are now busy working on for the release of your forthcoming film Nooru Janmaku and did not care to look at registering your emotions perfectly. But I could understand that this is a reaction to what our portal wrote about the audio release of Nooru Janmaku which was held a few days ago.

I am not surprised about your hostile reaction to what we wrote in my portal about which I still stand every word of it. As much as you claim to be committed to certain values and ideals, I also stand for some ethics and value in Journalism.

What was so hurting to you when I questioned your duplicity in attending a vulgar exhibition of a fashion mela that was held after the release of audio album of the film. I know you had opposed such blatant shows of western culture all your life through your writings and films. Take example of this particular sequence in your film Maathaadu Maathaadu Mallige where Dr. Vishnuvardhan castigate the five star culture in a sequence and advises his farmer friends to discourage it. And you have said many a times excessive greed that comes from Reforms and consumerism has led to degradation of our society. After reading many of your writings and watching some films, I have found that you have spoken against the Globalisation .

Economic Reforms and have warned the ripple effect of these policies which have threatened the existence of our culture, farming practice and many other related elements. But unfortunately you were also a part of the fashion show and display of rich tastes after the audio release function. The least that you could have done it was to excuse yourself after the audio release function and leave the venue after the audio function was over. You would not have embarrassed the unit members, who were part of the post audio release show as they may not have believed in your convictions. By leaving the venue, it would also be avoided the embarrassment for you and your friends to go in search of food outside!

Meshthre, you should know that our portal has written many things appreciative of you hundreds of times, but you have not reacted anything so far. You have not even acknowledged reading about it. But according to your message, you say that you were hurt by this article written by us with lot of pain and anguish. Like many other film personalities, you have also joined the brigade of quietly enjoying the accolades written by us, but becoming sensitive only when negative things are written. Did you analyze why your best friends and supporters have reacted so sharply about your participation in that show? Not only me, there are a large number of press friends who found your duplicity little hard to digest. You send me message `I Lost Faith In My Press Friends