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six films to release on july 13th
A Karala Ratri, MMCH, Double Engine Movie Image

The 06th of July saw six Kannada films getting released and this is the first time in the year that so many films are getting in a single day this year. The 13th of July will be witnessing another six films getting released.

Dayal Padmanabhan's 'Aa Karala Ratri', Mussanje Mahesh's 'MMCH', Chikkanna starrer 'Double Engine', Pavan Teja's 'Atharva', well known poet H S Venkatesh Murthy's 'Hasiru Ribbon' and Rishika Sharma's 'Trunk' will be getting released tomorrow across Karnataka. Of the six, 'Aa Karala Ratri' has already been premiered and critics are raving about the film.

Which among the six films will be able woo the audience is yet to be seen in the coming days.