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parul yadav recovers valubles lost in cabs
Parul Yadav

A police complaint by Parul Yadav about her valuables being lost in a cab has succeeded in getting them back to her. She had filed the complaint in the Bengaluru International Airport police station. Parul had lost her Armani watch and handbag in the cab.

Parul had travelled in an Ola cab (KA51 A3205) from Lavelle Road in Bengaluru to the Kempegowda International Airport. It was a three-hour long journey on the afternoon of May 15. The actress filed the complaint the following day on May 16. Parul had vented her ire on social media saying it was a shame that Ola had not been able to contact their driver. She thanked the police for helping her find the valuables.

She was angry that the Ola authorities did nothing and if she had not filed the police complaint there was no chance of recovery. She wondered how Ola had hired the driver without any verification about his address and how they were supposed to contact him in an emergency. The ordeal has however ended in a good tidings for the actress.