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16 years of majestic
Majestic Movie Image

Majestic was the film that rewrote the box office history in Karnataka. The debut film as hero for Darshan was also the most defining film of his career. The box office sultan was born with the film.

At a private resort in Nelamangala on Thursday evening, the 16th anniversary of the film was celebrated. People who worked for the film were felicitated with a garland, shawl, Mysore peta and fruits.

The special attraction was a Maruti 800 car that was being used by producer MG Ramamurthy during the shooting of Majestic 16 years ago. Darshan even remembered the car's number 3843. Remembering the car Darshan took it out for a ride. He had desired the car back then. It became a reality with Ramamurthy handing it over to him. 

Apart from his first film, Ramamurthy also produced Darshan's Dharma. Now the third film together was also announced. It will be Darshan's 53rd film. 

Those present at the felicitation were the film's director PN Sathya, co-director Maadesh, Sureh Goswamy, PRO Vijay Kumar, cinematographer MR Seenu and Anaji Nagaraj, manager Ramu, still photographer Ramesh and others. The lively presence of Darshan and Ramamurthy filled everyone with love and affection.

Over 200 people who worked in the film including senior actors Jai Jagadish, Harish Rai, producer Bhojaraj Rai attended the lunche on hosted. Everyone had Majestic and its memories to talk about.

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