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While Aaptha Rakshaka, Dr. Vishnuvardhan's last journey in the film world and his 200th film is setting Box office records everywhere in the state , there has been instances when genuine fans of the legendary actor have been hurt. It may be due to lack of proper promotion for the film or giving proper response to the advise of his ardent fans. Ms. Bharathi Vishnuvardhan advised the film's producer Krishna Prajwal to look at these factors which will enable the fans to be more happy and encourage them to see the film again and again.

'Please keep the sentiments of Dr. Vishnu's fans in mind. Frankly it is because of the big fan following of Dr. Vishnu sir that the film has become such a big hit. Please respond to their requests if they complain about lack of proper publicity. If the cut outs or banners outside the theatres have worn out, just try to replace them. The film is nearing a hundred day run and it is for you to see that more number of fans will see the film' advised Bharathi Vishnuvardhan to Krishna Prajwal.

Ms. Bharathi thanked the fans of the actor for making the film a stupendous hit. "I have not missed Dr. Vishnuvardhan any time after his death. Even now I feel he is here to guide us.