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Art director Ismail is in trouble for no mistake of his. He was asked to prepare a set for the film Udyan Express at Rockline Studio. He finished it on time four weeks ago. But for the last one month, the producer has not paid for it and is missing. Poor Ismail is stuck with a set that he has invested Rs 2 lakh in and is unused. He will have to pay the studio himself if the producer does not turn up.

For nearly two years, Prataph Gowda has been preparing for his two films, Udyan Express and Manikya by dropping names from Bollywood. He would candidly reveal that Prachi Desai and Aftab Shivdasani is acting in one film and another day he would say he is using Asha Bhosle's song in either Manikya or Udyan Express. His claims of bringing Hollywood technicians and actors for the film is all over the Internet. He managed to remain in news without holding any official press conference for his films.

But who are the producers of these two films of Pratap Gowda? Even he does not seem to know as cheques he presents are bouncing higher than tennis balls in Wimbeldon. Will Pratap pay for the losses incurred by Ismail? The art director is keeping his fingers crossed.