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mastigudi escapes homicide chanrge
Mastigudi Team Escapes Homicide Chanrges

The High Court of Karnataka has quashed the homicide charge sheet against director Nagashekar, producer Sundar Gowda and stunt master Ravi Verma. The police had filed a charge sheet in which they were charged under culpable homicide not amounting to murder which carries a punishment of a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.

However the high court has said that the death of the two actors, Uday and Anil was not homicide but death due to negligence. It has directed the lower court in Ramanagara to get the investigation done under the charge of negligence death. This charge carries a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment. 

The High court has quashed the charge sheet and asked the police to file a fresh charge sheet in the case. The high court however has said no to quashing the FIR in the case. That means the the case will continue but with a charge that is milder in comparison.

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