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Food Court In Multiplex

In a case that is set to shake the theaters and multiplexes out of their monopoly in exorbitant food prices, the Bombay High Court has asked the government why food items brought by patrons are not allowed inside theaters. 

The case was heard by the court today. According to a PTI report "The court asked when security guards frisk the public entering cinema halls and check their bags,  what was the need to keep all their food items and force them to purchase food from theaters.

A public interest litigation has been filed by a local citizen in Bombay but it reflects the problem faced by moviegoers from across India. The petition says that junk food is sold in theaters and it is mandatory to buy food only sold by the theaters. No outside food including those brought by moviegoers from their homes is allowed inside. Even water bottles brought from outside is not allowed. Moreover it was illegal to sell food inside theaters and auditoriums as per rules in Maharashtra. 

The court has now asked the Maharashtra government to make its position clear on the issue. The court has said that frisking and metal detectors are enough to find dangerous weapons from being taken inside but it need not be extended to food if it is not illegal. 

Any order in this case will have serious impact on how theaters especially multiplexes do business. It will affect multiplexes in Karnataka also. It is a well known fact that the rate of pop corn and other food sold in multiplexes are costlier than the ticket prices. Rate of every food item sold in multiplex is much more than the MRP of these items outside. Most of the food is priced three to four times more than the normal price.