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nishabdha 2
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Nishabda is one of the best known thriller films in Kannada starring the late Dr Vishnuvardhan. The sequel's story is not connected to the original film but there are a few similarities. One is that of dogs. Vishnuvardhan played a dog trainer in the first film. Here in this film a trained dog plays a very important role. 

The story is also completely different. Three friends decide to rob a house because they are in big trouble. They zero in on the house of a retired military officer who has lots of money in his house and lives alone. It should be an easy job which they should be able to complete without any trouble. But when they get inside the house, they realised that they have bitten more than they can chew. 

What was supposed to be their ticket to a settled future becomes a life and death struggle. There are only five main actors in the film including a dog. Roopesh Shetty, Aradhya Shetty, Petrol Prasanna and Avinash star in this thrilling story. 

Most of the film happens inside a house and here the work of the director and cameraman come to the rescue. They have done a good job. All the actors have done their best. Avinash has done justice to the role. It is amazing to see his character develop and how he lives the role. 

The film is less than two hours long but every minute of it has a thrilling element. It is aided by good editing which is crisp and keeps the film going fast and the background score that pumps up the thrills. This is not a ghost film but there are scenes which will scare you. Though there is a simple storyline each scene is brilliantly conceived and keeps up the momentum.