satya harischandra kuladalli keelyavudu,

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kuladalli melyavodho
Kuladalli Melyavodho Song Image

Sharan's new film Satya Harischandra has a new version of the song Kuladalli Melyavudo and it has already become a big hit before the release of the film.

The original song Kuladalli Melyavudo was written by Hunsur Krishnamurthy and sung by Gantasala. It appeared in the film Satya Harischandra starring Rajkumar and MP Shankar. The main protagonist in the song is MP Shankar and his dance steps is very famous in it. The film was released in 1965. 

In 2008 the remix version of the song was used in the film Nanda Loves Nandita starring Yogish. The music was by Emil and was sung by Hemanth. This song was also a hit. 

The latest remix in Sharan's Satya Harischandra has music by Arjun Janya and the song is sung by Vijay Prakash.