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Actor-director Navarasan is all set to release his latest film 'Vaira' next week. Meanwhile, he is very much upset that the Regional Board for Film Certification has given an 'A' certificate for the film.

Recently Navarasan blasted the censor board during the press meet of the film. 'We had many glamorous scenes in the film. But due to the insistence of the producer, I had removed all the scenes including a lip-lock. However, there was a shot where the heroine shows her nude back. For just one shot of a few seconds, the censor board has given an 'A' certificate' said Navarasan.

Navarasan says the RBFC chief Srinivasappa doesn't have any justification for giving an 'A' certificate. 'Recently we had an opportunity to meet Srinivasappa in KFCC and I questioned him about why he gave the film an 'A' certificate. But he doesn't have any proper answer or justification. He simply says he has done the work according to the books and if that is the answer, why films in other languages doesn't get 'A' certificate. There is a scene in 'Bahubali', where the heroine shows her nude back. Why didn't the film get an 'A' certificate' questions Navarasan. 

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