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Sudhir Attavar who attained instant recognition through his lovely song Marali Mareyaagi in the film Savaari is turning into a director. Incidentally it is this popular song which united him with his old trusted friends who studied with him in the Engineering College. The friends searched for Sudhir and finally the talented lyricist has turned into a film director now with a new film Parie. "It has been eighteen years since I met my friends Chandra Sindhogi, Arun Thumati,

Ramakrishna Bhat (Washington), MC Gowda (California) Divija K, Mogan Babu and Nityanand who has all become well known software professionals. Now they are producing this film' says Sudhir Attavar.

Sudhir's new film was launched in the presence of Ramesh Arvind, his manasa guru's director M.S.Sathyu and still photographer Nimay Ghosh. Incidentally both Sathyu and Nimay are working as art director and still photographer in this film. Sudhir is directing this film based on Sampanna Muthalik's novel.