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dont call me hatrick hero
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Actor Dhruva Sarja who is riding high on the huge opening and success of his new film 'Bharjari' has requested his fans not to call him 'Hatrick Hero', instead may call call as 'Hatrick Action Prince'.

Dhruva's first three films including 'Addhuri', 'Bahaddur' and 'Bharjari' have become huge hits and the fans have started calling him 'Hatrick Hero'. However, Dhruva who is a big fan of 'Hatrick Hero' Shivarajakumar refuses to accept the title. Dhruva is happy about being called as 'Action Prince'  and requests his fans to call him 'Hatrick Action Prince' instead of 'Hatrick Hero'.

The team says 'Bharjari' has collected more than 15 crores in the first three days of its release and is running successfully across Karnataka.