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srinivas gives cheque to yograj bhat
KanakPura Srinivas, Yograj Bhat Image

If everything had gone right, then director Yogaraj Bhatt was supposed to file a case against producer Kankapura Srinivas for not paying dues of his previous films 'Dana Kayonu'.

Yogaraj Bhatt had directed 'Dana Kayonu' for Kanakapura Srinivas, but the producer had not paid dues to Yogaraj Bhatt and others. In spite of repeated requests, the producer failed to pay the amount. Finally Yogaraj Bhatt had decided to file a case against the producer on Monday.

However, Kanakapura Srinivas has given three cheques to Yogaraj Bhatt and the director will be presenting them. Bhatt has decided to take action, if he does not get money as promised by the producer.

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