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Ganesh In MuguluNage

There are comparisons and then there are comparisons to Mungaru Male. In the last 10 years, dozens and dozens of films have been compared to Mungaru Male. The film that created the biggest trend of newcomers in the Kannada film industry also made Ganesh a superstar and Yograj Bhat was established as a star director. So every new film that showed some promise was compared with Mungaru Male. Even a sequel was made recently with Ganesh in the lead but without Yograj Bhat. Now finally the two are in Mugulu Nage which is again being compared to Mungaru Male. If any film can be compared it is Mugulu Nage. If any film should not be compared it is again Mugulu Nage. This contradictory statements is really true. 

For Ganesh and Yograj Bhat the success of Mugulu Nage has propelled them once again to the top of the charts as actor and director respectively. So it is like Mungaru Male. But the film itself is different. Though it is a love story there are loads of differences between the two films. Just that audience has liked both the film does not make it similar. The successful combination has continued their hattrick success with Mugulu Nage. There are already proposals from other producers to get Yograj Bhat and Ganesh together in yet another film