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sudeep twitter story
Sudeep Gets 1 Million Followers On Twitter

Tweet,,Twitter,,Tweetest -  I was at Mumbai for a shoot and my buddy was dropping me to my hotel in his car... Noticed him on his phone,, quite occupied. Assuming that he probably was attending to something important,, decided not to disturb him and I let him be.

He after a bit turned to me and asked me 

"what's ur Twitter account ? "..... 

I had this blank look ,,coz I was wondering what's he speaking about...

I then slowly asked,,,,

"...Twitter account!!???".... 

He said,,

"yes,,,Twitter account"...

Now for some reason ,,I started feeling a bit ignorant of the happenings ,,and my mind thinking in 100 different ways as to what the hell is this Twitter.. 

I had to ask. So without hesitation I asked him the most difficult question(at that moment)

"Err,,,,sorry,,,,,,but what's Twitter??" ...

I was now hoping he wouldn't have a sarcastic smirk(I have no idea why I felt he would) n come up with a line ,,

"U dono what's Twitter?????" 

Though not an embarrassment,,, it surely sometimes is a wierd feeling .... Dono y.

But my buddy ,,the gentleman he is,,, just started showing n explaining to me the details of twitter,, how to go about and it's use.

This buddy is the Tweetest RITESH DESHMUKH,,,n this was my entry into the world of Twitter.

Thanks RITESH for proving me wrong... remain the sweetest that u always have been.

Here started a new journey...

I still remember the excitement of actually having a few follow me on Twitter. Their comments,,posts,,pics,,, etc.

I can never forget how all those around would be irritated with me as all my leisure time would be spent reading n posting tweets.... In short,,, I had found a new toy :))))) 

It was fun to converse with these frnzz following me,,n also a huge vent . With this new found toy,,Time Would Fly.

Wanting to say so many things,,and having to say it all within limited characters was a task.. This taught me how to frame my lines n placements of words. It was a learning process and I enjoyed every bit of this learning . 

Then came a phase where Twitter became,,

All Stress & No Fun.

Accessibility had made words float through comments. Bad ones,,very bad ones and there were unbearable ones..

This was a time when I had decided to quit Twitter. But then,,, I gave myself some time to answer before quitting... I chose to face it all...

This process made me see another side of me,,, a side which I myself wasn't familiar with. I could handle people,,their lines n their topics...it wasn't bothering me anymore and I could take it all..  I was learning patience and earning frnzz. To me this was the best step I took.

Twitter was fun all over again

Happiness had no limits when frnzz totalled to a lakh... Then followed two n then three n so on..

Now,,, I see 999+k.... Figures nomore are the reason for my happiness... What's making me happy is tat I have surely done something right in life to have earned that lil place in all ur hearts .. 

You my frnzz,,make me feel RICH & COMPLETE.


I shall always be grateful to the first friend to follow me and I shall not be less thankful to the last one who jus did.

Much love n huggs ... 

I shall always do my best to entertain u all and shall try to the best of my ability to be of some help.

And yes ,,, please do forgive me if you feel I have let you down somewhere ... 

Thank u all once again.

And to all those who think you dislike me,,, 

Hopefully I shall give you reasons enough,,

To like me someday.