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mass leader problem cleared
Tarun, K Manju, Amr Ramesh

Shivarajkumar starter Mass leader controversy has been cleared and the movie is releasing on 11th August as announced earlier. Movie is produced by Tarun Shivappa.

Director AMR Ramesh had filed a case against the movie title Mass Leader and had obtained a stay order against the movie not to release on August 11st since he his having the title Leader.

Today K Manju had called AMR Ramesh and Tarun and had a interaction and negotiated with them and convienced Ramesh to withdraw the case and allow the movie to release as schedule. Giving respect to K Manju, AMR agreed to withdraw the case tomorrow morning and making way for the smooth release for the movie.

Producer Tarun Shivappa has thanked K Manju and AMR Ramesh for solving the problem.