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Ajai Rao, Aditi In Dhairyam

Dhairyam directed Shiv Tejas (who had earlier directed Prem Kumar in Maley) is based on real-life incidents that the director saw in Bengaluru. Shiv Tejas worked as an associate of directors like Dayal Padmanabhan and R Chandur before becoming an independent director.

While he was an associate he began to write scripts for his future films. One of them was Dhairyam which is based on two incidents which he saw with his own eyes. He was impressed and knew it would suit a film story. He developed the story around these incidents.

The film is mainly based on two characters, one a police officer and another a common man and there is a fight between them using brains. Who comes up on top is the plot. The film is a thriller and Ajai Rao is paired with Aditi in her first Sandalwood film. Ravishankar is a police officer but in a different shade from all his previous roles.

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