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gurunandan backs producer suresh

Raju Kannada Medium actor Gurunandan was shocked to see the allegations from the actress Avantika Shetty against the producer Suresh.

Speaking to Chitraloka Gurunandan told `Suresh is one of the best producer and a gentleman. He takes care of the complete team very well. In this case complete mistake is from Avantika. When we started the shooting first five days she was very good. After that she started making complaints for each and every thing. Seeing this, producer Suresh wanted to change her but by that time nearly 40 lacs had been spent. We requested producer if we change there will be loss to him and lets continue her in the movie. Even after this she has troubled the shooting. She never used to come to sets in time. Most of the time she used to be in caravan.

Once she asked that she wanted to go to Mumbai for a day but she never returned for nearly 20 days. Because of this complete shooting schedule got shuffled. She went to act in Rajaratna and I went to act in Missing Boy. If the film is delayed its just because of her. When we wanted to go abroad for shooting she never gave the dates. Then we went abroad and shot without her. If I used to advise her she would go to Mumbai. Suresh himself went to Mumbai and requested her to come to shooting. Can you Imagine she had made two rooms in Gold pinch. I have never seen a star hotel is given for managers. Producers has paid huge amount to the hotel. I myself used to go to hotel to pick her up at 7.30 AM for shooting with my makeup done. But she used to come done around 10.30! She never used to speak well with any of us. She used to behave as though she is Aishwarya Rai!