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Hucha Venkat, Shyamprasad Image
Hucha Venkat, Shyamprasad

What is the first thing that comes to mind when a common man is told "Kannada films". It is usually a character played by Dr Rajkumar. But some people out there are not only out to destroy the image of Kannada films but kill its character. The self styled Huchcha Venkat is one such person. 

Sudeep Not To Host Bigg Boss Till Venkat Punished

How long should the Kannada Film Industry tolerate him? He has brought disrepute to not only himself but the film industry and because of it to the overall Kannada culture. What will anybody from outside see Kannada film industry as? Is a Hucha Venkat its brand ambassador? 

Mental Venkat Says Marrying Heroine

Who will give a job or employment to a person like Hucha Venkat? Even a road side hawker will not want him as his customer. Why is the film industry tolerating a person like him and making him speak as if he is the representative of the Kannada Film Industry. This will demean the value of Kannada films. He has done that successfully. He has gone beyond limits now.

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